Stilts and Walkabout

Flamenco Stilts LadiesFantastic Flamenco Stilt Ladies

The longest legged flamenco dancers you have ever seen! Carmina and Maria are in turns gorgeous, ridiculous, colourful, interactive and entertaining. They stamp their feet, flap their fans, and sashay around, causing all manner of commotion.

When they are in town there is never a dull moment! A fun filled and visually striking walkabout act for any occasion.

Air Quality ControlAir Quality Control

A pair of meteorologically inspired giant pseudo scientists fully equipped with all kinds of paraphernalia for testing the quality of the air in your area. They are here to ensure you are breathing only the cleanest and purest, and if necessary provide free fresh air from their specially constructed air pumps.

A very silly walkabout with a serious message! Perfect for, but not exclusive to, green fairs and environmentally themed events.


Madam PeacockMadam Peacock

A beautiful and very colourful stilt costume worn by a very eccentrically ostentatious Madam! Madam Peacock is very fond of finery, colour and shiny things and of course being admired.

Inspired by period costume and perfect for making a high visual impact, this stilt outfit includes a full hoop skirt and beautiful feathered jacket with peacock eye designs.