Sheffield Cathedral

Posted February 20, 2018

January hasn't been that quiet at all this year, which was pleasant and surprising. It brought the unexpected opportunity to perform inside one of Sheffield's most beautiful buildings- The Cathedral. It is sometimes given over for outside events and this was a corporate awards ceremony and dinner for Ask Broadband. The preamble to the event was pretty exciting- figuring out if I could rig and how involved a few trips up the tiny spiral staircase and across the roof walkway to get to the bell-tower.

Excitement was added by the fact that if we lost track of the time the bells would strike and they are pretty loud!! It was really interesting to see behind the scenes in the belfry and be up close to the huge bells. The rigging was fine in the end as there is a series of hatches between the belfry and the main chamber of the cathedral, and I got to enjoy 9m of height. I couldn't have asked for a more beautiful setting for my first corporate aerial performance of the year- the delightful arches of the cathedral framed the silks.

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