Stilts Performance

Stage & Walkabout

Fire Performances, Stilt and Hula hoops

Fire Performances

Madam Mango creates stunning fire performances to suit all kinds of events, from solo ambient to multi-person theatrical stage productions.
Madam Mango Party Like Gatsby Fire Performance

Stage Shows

Choreographed solo or multi-person stage shows.
These are high energy, tightly choreographed shows designed for stage to provide a highlight to your event. Can be performed in a classic style or themed as required. Previous credits include Party Like Gatsby, Childline Ball, Exit Festival (Serbia) and Pinewood Studios.
Madam Mango Performance Voodoo Fire Show, Bonfire night

Theatrical Stage or Arena Shows

Multi-person stage shows that tell-stories with fire, taking you on a journey into a fiery world of surprises! Previous commissions include “A Short History of the World Through Fire” for Chesterfield Garden of Light - a tongue in cheek look at the pivotal moments of fire in our history. “Out of This World” that included a rocket launch and journeys through space and “Voodoo People” where dark magic combined with fire for spectacular effect, for the Oldham Big Bang bonfire night celebrations.
Madam Mango Party Like Gatsby Firenzy Fire Performers

Ambient fire performances

A flow of fire, using a range of different fire props Madam Mango will showcase her skills, flirting with the danger of fire to make beautiful and daring images in the dark. Perfect as a backdrop or gentle ambient entertainment.
Madam Mango Fire Voodoo Poi

Meet and Greet fire performances

What better way to welcome your audience than with fire? A fire entertainer can really bring that sense of excitement to the beginning of your event, ensuring that your crowd really feel like they have arrived! Utilising a range of fire props and techniques for strong visual effect.

Fire skills available include body burning, fire eating, clubs, poi, and fire hula hoop, fire staff, juggling, devilstick, diablo and pyrotechnic effects.

Hula Hoops

Madam Mango Hula Hoop


Filled with cheek and charm, this act is a dynamic feast of quirky tricks, masterly manipulation and high-speed hula-hooping. Charmingly choreographed into an imaginative, highly skilled stage act suitable for cabaret, corporate or community events and can be adapted to suit different themes.

Hula Hoop Walkabout and Workshops

Available as a walkabout, Madam Mango will mix and mingle gathering small crowds, showing them tempting snippets of her skills and encouraging them to have a go at hula-hooping right there and then. Allowing them to learn some of the skills displayed in the act. A popular and participatory walkabout, suitable for audiences of all ages.

Full workshops for adults and children are also available.

Stilt Walkabout

Stilt walkabout can be a great addition to an indoor or outdoor event, an interactive, engaging and visual performance that can travel amongst the crowds spreading good cheer.
Madam Peacock stilts act

Madam Peacock

A strikingly beautiful costume full of colour, worn by a very ostentatious Madam! Madam Peacock is very fond of finery, dressing up and charming conversation. Always ready to be admired, this walkabout has a high visual impact, her outfit is inspired by period costume and has a full hoop skirt with beautiful feathered jacket decorated with peacock eye designs.
Madam Mango Walkabout Performance Feathered Birds

Feathered Showgirls

Bringing a touch of glamour to your event this pair of stilt costumes are colourful, classy and stylish. Red and turquoise with feathers galore these beautiful characters are perfect to meet, greet, mix and mingle with your guests.
Madam Mango Stilt Ringmistress


A classic circus stilt walkabout, The Ringmistress brings her commanding presence to welcome the crowds, engage them in conversation and witty banter. Glamorous, high status and entertaining, perfect to bring some pizazz to any event.
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