Aerial Acts

Rope, Silks, Trapeze, Hoop, Counterweight 
& Bespoke Acts

  • Madam Mango Kelham Island5
  • Madam Mango Circus Artist Rope Act Inept Gravity Greenman Festival
  • Madam Mango Kelham Island Rope Circus Act
  • Madam Mango Circus Rope Acts Inept Gravity Greenman Festival

Madam Mango's Tango

What would you do if you’d been stood up by your date? Madam Mango finds that although it does take two to tango, only one of you needs to be human. A dance duet performed with the rope as partner, combining a cheeky and light-hearted attitude with high skill aerial artistry, Madam Mango takes Tango sensuality to the next level.
Madam Mango Phoenix Rising

Phoenix Rising

An exotic bird high above your heads. Phoenix Rising references the long association of aerial with birds and uses bird style movement accompanied by a beautiful birdsong, it is perfect for outdoor events.
  • Madam Mango Cascade Winter Gardens
  • Claire Crook Cascade Winter Gardens Corde Lisse


A classic rope piece showcasing effortless aerial skill, a graceful gravity defying dance that winds sinuously upwards, plunging twisting and cascading in a climactic finish. A truly ethereal journey into the higher spaces of circus, Cascade is beautiful and high skill piece of contemporary circus.
Madam Mango Aerial 17 Buried Alive rope act Shambala Festival

Buried Alive

A turn to the dark side and perfect for Halloween, this rope act illustrates the tale of someone who decides to bury themselves alive, and realises as the soil rains down on the coffin lid the full horror of this. By turns slow and dramatic and fast and frenetic this act will freak you right out.
  • Madam Mango Aerial Act 13 Monsoon silks

Monsoon Silks

Solo silks act. 
High above your heads, this is a striking and sensuous exploration of the aerial dimension. Elegantly entwined in the silks, this is a seductive, skilful and beautifully choreographed act that will provide an unforgettable highlight to your event.

Can be costumed or themed to match your event, also available as hang-about or ambient aerial.
  • Madam Mango 100 Days of Culture launch, Ripon Cathedral silks duo

Silks Duo

Sensational, glamorous and perfectly synchronised a duo silks act will provide the perfect high point to any event. A high impact yet stylish act that combines strength and elegance with beautiful choreography and slick presentation.
Bespoke duo, trio or quad silks acts can be created to suit your events theme or style.
Madam Mango Aerial Act Performance Trapeze

Static Trapeze

Madam Mango is a highly skilled and exciting solo static trapeze performer. Combining skilful and dynamic moves with creative transitions and beautifully graceful movement skills. Trapeze is the classic circus apparatus.
Madam Mango Aerial Hoop


The perfect equipment for showcasing flexibility, flow and strength, aerial hoop is particularly suited to venues with lower ceilings, as well as ambient performances.

Bespoke Acts

Madam Mango is versatile and happy to create an act especially for your event, please do get in touch if you have a special act in mind or don’t quite see what you are looking for here.
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