20 Rigging at Chatsworth House
Claire works behind the scenes as well as on the stage as a circus rigger. With comprehensive training and qualifications including IRATA level 1, IPAF licence and is an PPE Inspection Competent Person. She was head rigger at Greentop Circus Centre for 7 years, overseeing all rigging, equipment inspections and training the rigging team. As a freelance rigger she has worked with Paper Doll Militia, All or Nothing Aerial Dance Theatre, Osborne & What, Bassline Circus, Syrcas Circus, Cirque Bijou, Luke Jerram, The Gramophones Theatre among others. She has overseen the building and safety of a number of different aerial rig designs, as well as rigged her own equipment in countless venues.

Claire trained with Brian Donaldson of High Performance Rigging, Jonathan Graham, and Lyon Equipment and Training.
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