New Work and Artist Support Fund

Posted November 18, 2019

A lot of work goes in behind the scenes on gathering support for new projects, and as every fund is hugely competitive these days, it can be a bit of a demoralising process. However, when you do gain support, it is hugely satisfying. So this year I have been trying to develop "Who Do They Think They Are?" the scratch performance created for Sisterhood of the Ring, an event about women and BAME performers in circus. Our show was commissioned by Professor Vanessa Toulmin who curated the event, and is an exploration of identity, being a female performer and how circus has shaped our lives.

I applied for the Victoria Works New Work and Artist Support fund as I have been wanting to explore further the subject matter for this show, develop it and hope to tour it in the near future. We spent a week in the space, working on stories, text, movement, counterweighting, dancing and thinking about what we want out of this performance.

The week was also really valuable for us to deepen our relationship as an ensemble and was hugely enjoyble. I hope to be able to announce further develpoment soon!

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