Greenwich and Docklands International Festival 2021

Posted January 20, 2022

It was a busy year for Music of the Spheres performances, and I enjoyed spending more time on this performance. If you've not read about this before, It is an incredible and unusual performance that I feel very fortunate to be a part of. It is an ethereal duet between an aerial dancer- myself and flute player Simon De Sorger. I am inside a giant inflable sphere that floats on the water, Simon performs inside a smaller sphere on the land, with Lawrence Casserly providing live musical effects, the piece is called The Water Cycle and is imporvised between us.

Our grand finale this year was at the prestigeous Greenwich and Docklands International Festival. The site was pretty incredible, a semi deserted dockland with Canary wharf and the city seen in the distance, with a distopian feel. Spheres shows are always interesting with the variables of the site and the weather conditions, and this one was no exception! The site was already windy which can be problematic, so the decision was taken to use the smaller Sphere- 24ft instead of 36ft. It means I just have an aerial hoop in there rather than silks, but it meant we had a much higher chance of the shows going ahead. The weather gods shone on us in the end though and the wind wasn't too strong, we got three shows in. I am totally reliant on the team from Colourscape, headed up by Izzy Linley to keep me safe, and because of the size of the body of water this time, the rescue boat crew, it is an exercise in trust.

Music of the Spheres is one of my favourite performances, once inside the Sphere on the water it is magical, I enjoy the sensations, the water wooshing below, the sphere moving and bobbing on the water, floating. It is a fully elemental experience and for the audience and us performers really is an show like no other.

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