Posted August 22, 2020

I was a little bit behind with updating my news before lockdown and somehow I didn't manage to catch up. But, now things are starting to happen, it's an exciting time.

I've done 3 shows and a filming in the last 3 weeks, which is more than I've done all year so far.

A performing friend of mine. Micky Bimble, lives in a small village in Devon. He decided to invite myself, Delia Ceruti and Tony Liddington to come and do a show for the village, so we did. We put up the aerial rig in the field, we got a good crowd, and I can't describe the amount of pleasure I got from performing after so long, it was fantastic.

Cabaret Boom Boom in Sheffield have also cautiously been doing shows, I performed at their second outdoor cabaret, held in the car park of their usual venue. This was a definite gain for me, as the ceiling inside is way too low for aerial! We had 2 decent crowds, and a good time was had by all.

I'm hoping that we can keep this momentum up and keep the shows going!

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