Music of the Spheres at Compton Verney

Posted November 25, 2020

Managing to salvage something from an empty summer felt hugely important. I was lucky that I got to perform one of my favourite and most unusual shows- Music of the Spheres.

It is hugely evocative and very relevant to the current situation, as I perform aerial in a giant sphere or bubble. The show created featured musicians and dancers on the land, with the giant sphere going on the water as the grand finale to Simon de Sorgher's beautiful flute music.

It was a very windy day, so we had to wait until it had died down to launch. For me, there is always a moment of anxiety as I tape myself into the sphere and we launch onto the water, but also, as soon as I get on the water, the anxiety dissipates. Somehow I settle into a clam space where I hear the music and the wooshing of the water under the sphere.

The setting was beautiful, being in the grounds of Compton Verney, a stately home now a museum, the lake was sublime, and the show felt really magical. It also felt really important for all the performers, crew and for the audience to be part of a live performance in these weird times.

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